Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


GEN article about tumour study from the Okkenhaug group

Tumor Biology Study Suggests Promising New Route to Cancer Drug Development

okkenhaug | lymphocyte signalling | tumours | immune system | online press


Hemberger group collaboration in Science News

Though often forgotten, the placenta has a huge role in baby’s health

developmental biology | epigenetics | hemberger | international | online press | placenta


Varga-Weisz research in Medical News Today

How your gut bacteria may protect you from cancer

varga-weisz | nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | online press | international


Varga-Weisz study featured in New Atlas

New research reveals how gut bacteria can control our genes

varga-weisz | nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | online press | international


Varga-Weisz gut bacteria on Science Alert

Bacteria Living in Our Gut Are Hijacking And Controlling Our Genes

nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | varga-weisz | online press | international


Kelsey lab research on What is Epigenetics

Epigenetic Marks on Histones Keep Egg Cells Fresh

kelsey | online press | international | egg cells | epigenetics


Kelsey lab in Genetic Engineering News

Extra Epigenetic Packaging Keeps Egg Cells Fresh

epigenetics | genetic engineering news | kelsey | egg cells | international | online press


Collaboration with AstraZeneca in the Cambridge Independent

Secrets of tumour-suppressing gene unravelled by scientists at Babraham Institute and AstraZeneca

astrazeneca | cambridge independent | cancer | hawkins | local | online press | pi3-kinases | pten | signalling | stephens


Stephens and Hawkins labs in Business Weekly

Missing link between tumour suppressors and prostate cancer revealed

business weekly | cancer | hawkins | local | online press | pi3-kinases | pten | signalling | stephens


PTEN signalling work on

Leading Pharma-Academic Partnership Unravels the Mystery of a Major Cancer Gene

signalling | stephens | hawkins | pten | pi3-kinases | astrazeneca | gsk | | online press | international


Hemberger lab in ALN Magazine

Womb Age is a Major Factor in Declining Fertility in Older Women

hemberger | epigenetics | pregnancy | aln magazine | international | online press


Wolf Reik comments on epigenetics in the Scientist

Expert comment in 'Company Sells a “Biological Age” Kit'

epigenetic clock | epigenetics | expert comment | online press | the scientist


Cell cannibalism in The Scientist

Cell Cannibalism as Cancer Defense

florey | the scientist | cannibalism | signalling | online press


Chromos covered by Idol magazine

Max Cooper Merges Science With Music in ‘Chromos’ EP

chromos | nuclear dynamics | idol magazine | music | online press


Wolf Reik writes in The Conversation

How epigenetics may help us slow down the ageing clock

epigenetic clock | epigenetics | national | online press | reik | the conversation