Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation

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The Institute aims to maximise the impact of its research through Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) in order to translate research into action for social and economic benefit. A key part of our KEC strategy is to partner with industry, particularly biotech and pharma companies, to translate our research and support the bioeconomy.

We benefit from being co-located with around 60 biomedical companies on the Babraham Research Campus, and collaborate extensively with these organisations. Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd (BIE) supports the commercialisation of the Institute’s research and access to our core science facilities.

Industry priorities:

  • To support the translation of Babraham Institute science, by proactively protecting and developing new discoveries, and working with commercial partners to develop new technologies
  • To support the bioeconomy by collaborating with industry nationally and internationally to help further industrial bioscience research. This may involve research collaborations, consultancy or providing access to our scientific services
  • To play a key role in the success of the Babraham Research Campus by working with the companies based here

Commercialisation of Institute research and access to Institute facilities is the responsibility of the Commercialisation Manager.