Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


Nicholas Ktistakis collaboration with Stemnovate covered by the Cambridge Independent

Collaborative partners comment on the significance of working together on autophagy and neurodegeneration.

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New partners for Milner Consortium autophagy collaboration, reports Cambridge Independent

Mike Scialom covers a new development for Dr Nicholas Ktistakis' Milner Consortium collaboration.

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Adrian Liston interviewed by the Cambridge Independent about COVID-19 vaccine intricacies

In this extended interview published in the Cambridge Independent, Adrian Liston explains the science behind vaccines and the immune response.

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Babraham Institute research shows importance of second COVID-19 vaccine dose, reports Cambridge Independent

Michelle Linterman interviewed on her important COVID-19 research in mice by Cambridge Independent editor Paul Brackley.

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Cambridge Independent reports on new Babraham Bioscience Technology board members

Newly appointed board members Wolf Reik, Alexander Hewitson, and Clive Stanway speak to the Cambridge Independent.

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Rahul Roychoudhuri discusses research linking genetic variation with susceptibility to inflammatory disease with the Cambridge Independent

The Cambridge Independent covers Rahul Roychoudhuri’s recently published research in collaboration with the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

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Promise of pioneering research by Adrian Liston reported by Business Weekly

Business Weekly report on how proof of concept funding from the European Research Council will support research into how to harness the power of the immune system to treat brain injury.

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Cambridge Independent explores Institute research on gut microbiome and link with healthy ageing

Paul Brackley, editor of the Cambridge Independent, explores what recent research published by the Linterman lab might mean for healthy ageing.

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Cambridge Independent speaks to Adrian Liston about using immune profiling to revolutionise medicine

Following publication of Adrian Liston's latest paper describing the use of immune profiling combined with machine learning to diagnose juvenille arthritis, he spoke to Paul Brackley, editor of the Cambridge Independent to explain more.

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Latest research from the Linterman Lab shared in the Cambridge Independent

In a News feature by the Cambridge Independent, Paul Brackley explores what the latest immunology research from the Institute might mean for improving the annual 'flu vaccine.

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Ageing research featured in the Cambridge Independent

Paul Brackley, editor of the Cambridge Independent, shared the Institute's recently published research on how a tiny nematode worm called C. elegans can help us learn more about the process of human ageing.

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Wolf Reik in the Cambridge Independent

Unravelling the epigenome, life's other set of instructions
Our genome may be the blueprint for our development, but it is only part of the story. Editor, Paul Brackley talks to Professor Wolf Reik, at the Babraham Institute, to find out the rest.

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Varga-Weisz study in the Metro

That gut feeling: Would you have a poo transplant to make you happy?

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Rachel Fellows on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Talking about gut bacteria with Jeremy Sallis on Lunchtime Live

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Collaboration with AstraZeneca in the Cambridge Independent

Secrets of tumour-suppressing gene unravelled by scientists at Babraham Institute and AstraZeneca

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Stephens and Hawkins labs in Business Weekly

Missing link between tumour suppressors and prostate cancer revealed

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Brexit and science on BBC Look East

What the government strategy means for research in Cambridge

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Rahul Roychoudhuri featured in Cambridge Independent

Dr Rahul Roychoudhuri at the Babraham Institute discusses awakening the immune system to defeat cancer

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