Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


Michelle Linterman talks about her research on ageing, the immune system and vaccination

Group leader Michelle Linterman joined the Nine to Noon show on Radio New Zealand to discuss her research on ageing, the immune system and vaccination.

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Babraham Institute research shows importance of second COVID-19 vaccine dose, reports Cambridge Independent

Michelle Linterman interviewed on her important COVID-19 research in mice by Cambridge Independent editor Paul Brackley.

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Promise of pioneering research by Adrian Liston reported by Business Weekly

Business Weekly report on how proof of concept funding from the European Research Council will support research into how to harness the power of the immune system to treat brain injury.

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Latest research from the Linterman Lab shared in the Cambridge Independent

In a News feature by the Cambridge Independent, Paul Brackley explores what the latest immunology research from the Institute might mean for improving the annual 'flu vaccine.

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GEN article about tumour study from the Okkenhaug group

Tumor Biology Study Suggests Promising New Route to Cancer Drug Development

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