Find an Expert


The Babraham Institute employs scientists with a wide range of specialist expertise across our main research themes. Our researchers are open to developing collaborative research projects and our consultancy services provide direct access to their expertise. We encourage you to visit our research pages for more information on the individual specialisms of our Group Leaders. Our Commercialisation Manager can also offer guidance on which scientists may have the most relevant scientific interests for your projects.

Our general areas of scientific expertise include:

Ageing – The biological effects of age on overall health and wellbeing
Epigenetics – How interaction with the environment can influence genes and genetic inheritance
Signalling – How chemical signals allow cells to co-ordinate, communicate and adapt to changes
Immunology – How our body combats illness and infections

Other areas that may be of interest include:

Embryonic development
Genome organisation

Systems biology
Adult vaccination

Cell biology
Stem cells