Consultancy & Facilities


External organisations can benefit from access to the scientific expertise of academic staff at the Babraham Institute. Our academic researchers can provide advice in areas including epigenetics, stem cells, cell signalling, inositide (lipid) research, RNA biology, immunology and inflammation.

In addition, external organisations can benefit from access to the world-class scientific facilities and services of the Babraham Institute. These include imaging, flow cytometry, mass spec and a small-animal facility.

In this video interview recorded with Tim Newton, CEO at Reflection Therapeutics, Tim outlines how access to the Institute's facilities and experts has helped accelerate their research. Reflection Therapeutics joined the Campus community in 2019 as part of the second cohort of companies to participate in Accelerate@Babraham, the Campus’ 5-month bio-incubator programme for early stage life science ventures.

Further information about what the Institute's facilities can offer is available on request. Please get in touch if you would like to use one or more of these facilities.