Our life science research has significant potential to shape and inform policy on topics such as; gene editing, stem cell research and the effect of dietary restriction over the course of a person’s life. We also participate in broader discussions including animal welfare and the importance of the bio-ecomony.

Our researchers and staff place significant value on working with policymakers and policy organisations through discussion, evidence and debate. This section highlights our work and provides details of how we can help.

Our policy aims:

  • To explore where the outcomes of our research can inform policy and to identify where Institute science/scientists can play a role in policymaking
  • To provide expertise, scientific understanding or technological innovation that will contribute to the solution of problems of public policy
  • To contribute to the development of scientifically-informed public policy to enable a more scientific and evidence-based approach to its delivery
  • To train and empower our scientists and staff to feel confident about engaging in the policy process

Policy activities at the Babraham Institute are co-ordinated by the Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) team. Contact kec@babraham.ac.uk to find out more.