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Our vision is to deliver impact by translating our science and understanding of fundamental biology to promote lifelong health and wellbeing. Here you can find the latest news from our scientists as well as events and other opportunities to get closer to our research. For specific reports, updates and opportunities relating to our impacts and equality in science, visit our Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation, Public Engagement and equality4success blogs.

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Michelle Linterman receives Lister Prize

£250,000 prize award

Fellowship will support career development


Personal achievements recognised as part of annual LabTalks event

Annual awards presented

LabTalks showcases science from across the Institute


Could boosting the gut microbiome be the secret to healthier older age?

Faecal transplants from young to aged mice rejuvenates the immune…


Bioscience Lite - Personalised Cancer Treatment

Bioscience Lite Teacher CPD - Personalised Cancer Treatment


STEM Insights teacher placement

Teacher CPD in laboratories, science facilities and campus companies


Bioscience Lite - 4 December 2019 - Save the date!

Bioscience Lite Teacher CPD - save the date!

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