Public & Schools


The Institute has a rich history of public engagement and science communication activities. Our vision is of an open, transparent and accountable organisation that is leading in its contribution to culture, society, economic development and growth.

Public engagement and science communication at the Institute is embedded within our research and supports interactions between researchers and public groups. Through these programmes we seek to engage students, teachers, community groups, families and other public audiences. We are committed to sharing our research and our ideas and inspiring the next generation of researchers. We believe in the importance of listening to and understanding public feedback, hopes, concerns and aspirations about our research..

Our Public Engagement Aims

  • To be open and transparent in our research communication, providing opportunities for everyone to find out about our science
  • To enthuse, excite and inspire younger audiences about bioscience and bioscience careers
  • To interact with diverse public audiences to better understand their hopes, concerns and aspirations for our research and to reflect this back into the Institute
  • To develop activities that seek to widen the social and economic impact of our research

In this section, you can find out about opportunities to engage with our researchers and our research through events and activities, case studies, blog articles and downloadable resources.

Our engagement with the public is managed by the Public Engagement Team. Contact