Our Values

Trio of images representing the Institute values of benefit, innovation and integrity

The Institute’s Values frame our ‘code of conduct’, articulating our beliefs and principles, and outlining how we aspire to function and be recognised. They illustrate how we work as an organisation and with others to achieve our mission and speak to our vision of an internal Institute culture.

We make a difference


As a world-leading centre of excellence in life sciences research we work to make discoveries for societal benefit that make a real difference in science, health and policy within the UK and globally.

We extend the boundaries of knowledge


We work at the forefront of creative discovery science, nurturing our people through development and training, and provide the environment for innovation to thrive.

We are open, honest, and inclusive


We work together to uphold the standards expected of us, operating with honesty and responsibility, creating an inclusive and motivating environment, and communicating openly and transparently.