Post Doctoral Programme

Postdoctoral Researcher in laboratory

The Institute has long recognised that the excellence of our postdoctoral researchers is critical for our overall success.

We ensure that our research environment and opportunities for training and career development serve to attract, develop and retain the very best postdoctoral scientists and Research Fellows.

There are approximately 40 postdoctoral research scientists and senior postdoctoral research scientists at the Babraham Institute. Many of these posts are funded by external grants, with the post-holders on limited term contracts. The Institute also hosts junior research fellows funded by external agencies including Marie Curie, EMBO and HFSP who recognise the excellent training environment and location afforded by the Institute.

The Institute has a postdoc committee comprising postdocs, group leaders and personnel staff. This committee acts as a forum for discussion of postdocs issues. It is also responsible for review and allocation of Institute-funded travel and training awards as has input in defining the Institute’s training, mentoring and career development provision for postdocs.


A substantial menu of over 30 training and personal development courses is offered for postdocs and individual, specific needs are also taken into account. In addition, an Advanced Research Training Scheme is run by the Institute’s Senior Research Associates who each offer at-the-bench training in one or more of their technical specialities.

Travel Fund

The Babraham Institute Travel fund has a budget to support attendance at international conferences. The purpose of this fund is to allow postdocs and research assistants to promote the Institute’s science and increase knowledge exchange with the scientific community.

Possible Career Paths

The Institute recognises the career aspirations of its senior postdoctoral fellows. It encourages training and it mentors and supports these individuals in making career choices including applications for personal fellowships. The following career options are available at the Babraham Institute:

Senior Research Associates

The Institute also has a number of Senior Research Associates (SRA). These positions are held by senior postdocs who do not wish to become independent Group Leaders. These SRAs are individuals who possess a high level of widely applicable skills desirable for the Institute’s science, who are skilled at training others and who will sustain a strong professional reputation through publications and other external recognition.

Career Development Fellowships

Enquiries from individuals who wish to base their applications for career development fellowships (MRC CDA, BBSRC David Philips, Wellcome CDA) at the Institute are welcomed and encouraged. Successful applicants are given career track status. All career-track Group Leaders are mentored through the Institute’s Executive Committee, are subject to a formal review of progress at the mid-point of their contract and are offered an assessment for a core-funded indefinite Group Leader appointment within the final two years of their contract.