Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


National papers and radio cover rejuvenation research

Prof Wolf Reik and Dr Diljeet feature in a number of articles and appearances in relation to their recent publication.

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The Guardian report on reprogramming work from Diljeet Gill and Wolf Reik

Ian Sample writes about the new stem cell rejuvenation method developed in the Reik lab.

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Cambridge Independent reports on new Babraham Bioscience Technology board members

Newly appointed board members Wolf Reik, Alexander Hewitson, and Clive Stanway speak to the Cambridge Independent.

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Wolk Reik talks about his career in epigenetics, from the beginning to today, on Epigenetics Podcast

The Epigenetics Podcast interviews Wolf Reik about his career in epigenetics.

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Could we and should we live forever? Wolf Reik talks to Tom Chivers about epigenetics

Wolf Reik explains the concept of the biological clock to science writer Tom Chivers for his article exploring mortality.

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Wolf Reik in the Cambridge Independent

Unravelling the epigenome, life's other set of instructions
Our genome may be the blueprint for our development, but it is only part of the story. Editor, Paul Brackley talks to Professor Wolf Reik, at the Babraham Institute, to find out the rest.

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Wolf Reik writes in The Conversation

How epigenetics may help us slow down the ageing clock

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