Annual Research Report

Annual report 2019 2020 hero

The combined 2019-2020 research report brings together a summary of the progress of 20 research groups at the Institute, split across our research programmes of Immunology, Signalling and Epigenetics.

Six research features share highlights from each programme: In Immunology presenting the work of Dr Sarah Ross on hypoxia, and Dr Michelle Linterman and Professor Adrian Liston on their research and response to COVID-19; in Signalling, exploring the new research areas of Dr Hayley Sharpe and Dr Rahul Samant, and the long-standing partnership and friendship of Dr Len Stephens and Dr Phill Hawkins; the Epigenetics features explore how Dr Jon Houseley’s research is probing fundamental questions about ageing, and what the spin-out experience has been like for Dr Stefan Schoenfelder as a co-founder of Enhanc3D Genomics.

The report also shares the latest developments from the Institute’s nine cutting-edge facilities, which continue to provide essential expertise that allows the Institute to take the very best research, in addition to supporting commercial life science companies on the Babraham Research Campus and beyond.

Information on the Institute’s performance across collaboration and commercialisation, funding, public engagement, student training and training performed by our facilities, is provided as overviews for each year, in addition to individual reports on commercialisation and knowledge exchange and our public engagement programme.

You can browse the 2019-2020 research report using the reader below or download the PDF version in full. If you have any questions about the report please contact