Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


Quanta magazine feature Rayon lab research

Group leader Teresa Rayon spoke to Viviane Callier about her research on developmental tempo for a feature in Quanta magazine.

epigenetics | Rayon | protein stability | animal research


Peter Rugg-Gunn provides expert comment on embryo research to The Guardian

Group leader Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on the impact and implications of new embryo model reported by researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

national | rugg-gunn | embryo | epigenetics | expert comment


Dr Jasmin Taubenschmid-Stowers featured in Cambridge Independent

Paul Brackley reports that researchers have discovered a new population of stem cells



The Guardian report on reprogramming work from Diljeet Gill and Wolf Reik

Ian Sample writes about the new stem cell rejuvenation method developed in the Reik lab.

epigenetics | reik | national | ageing


Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on ‘blastoid’ research in the Mail Online

The Mail Online reports on a new model similar to human blastocysts, with expert comment from Peter Rugg-Gunn.

embryo | epigenetics | national | rugg-gunn | expert comment


Wolk Reik talks about his career in epigenetics, from the beginning to today, on Epigenetics Podcast

The Epigenetics Podcast interviews Wolf Reik about his career in epigenetics.

reik | epigenetics | podcast


Could we and should we live forever? Wolf Reik talks to Tom Chivers about epigenetics

Wolf Reik explains the concept of the biological clock to science writer Tom Chivers for his article exploring mortality.

epigenetic clock | reik | epigenetics


Myriam Hemberger receives the 2019 March of Dimes Prize

Myriam Hemberger, a group leader in the Epigenetics programme at the Institute from 2004-2018, was awarded the 2019 March of Dimes Prize for her pioneering research on placental biology.

award | developmental biology | epigenetics | international | placenta | pregnancy


Ageing research featured in the Cambridge Independent

Paul Brackley, editor of the Cambridge Independent, shared the Institute's recently published research on how a tiny nematode worm called C. elegans can help us learn more about the process of human ageing.

ageing | c. elegans | epigenetics | local | news | print


Wolf Reik in the Cambridge Independent

Unravelling the epigenome, life's other set of instructions
Our genome may be the blueprint for our development, but it is only part of the story. Editor, Paul Brackley talks to Professor Wolf Reik, at the Babraham Institute, to find out the rest.

ageing clock | award | epigenetic clock | epigenetics | local | news | print | public engagement | reik


Varga-Weisz study in the Metro

That gut feeling: Would you have a poo transplant to make you happy?

epigenetics | gut bacteria | local | nuclear dynamics | press | varga-weisz


Hemberger group collaboration in Science News

Though often forgotten, the placenta has a huge role in baby’s health

developmental biology | epigenetics | hemberger | international | online press | placenta


Rachel Fellows on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Talking about gut bacteria with Jeremy Sallis on Lunchtime Live

gut bacteria | local | nuclear dynamics | radio | varga-weisz | epigenetics


Varga-Weisz study featured in New Atlas

New research reveals how gut bacteria can control our genes

varga-weisz | nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | online press | international


Varga-Weisz research in Medical News Today

How your gut bacteria may protect you from cancer

varga-weisz | nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | online press | international


Varga-Weisz gut bacteria on Science Alert

Bacteria Living in Our Gut Are Hijacking And Controlling Our Genes

nuclear dynamics | epigenetics | gut bacteria | varga-weisz | online press | international


Kelsey lab research on What is Epigenetics

Epigenetic Marks on Histones Keep Egg Cells Fresh

kelsey | online press | international | egg cells | epigenetics


Kelsey lab in Genetic Engineering News

Extra Epigenetic Packaging Keeps Egg Cells Fresh

epigenetics | genetic engineering news | kelsey | egg cells | international | online press


Hemberger lab in ALN Magazine

Womb Age is a Major Factor in Declining Fertility in Older Women

hemberger | epigenetics | pregnancy | aln magazine | international | online press


Myriam Hemberger on DeutschlandFunk

Junges Glück in jungen Gebärmuttern (Young happiness in young uterus)

deutschlandfunk | epigenetics | german | hemberger | international | pregnancy | radio