Our Mission

Group of researchers working in the lab

Through excellence in discovery life sciences research and training, the Institute aims to be an international leader for research on lifelong health and healthy ageing.

The impact of this research, for the public benefit, is a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of health and disease throughout life. The insights gained from the Institute’s fundamental research may lead to changes to public advice on healthy living, wellbeing and ageing; could influence public health policies; and may underpin translational research and the creation of new therapies and treatments to improve and protect lifelong health.

Our success relies on undertaking responsible research that will make a difference to human health, being bold in our vision, applying and sharing our knowledge, and creating a positive and inclusive environment where people are supported to grow and progress.


Our research objectives

The Institute’s key strategic objectives for our research include:

  • Understanding the interaction between the immune system and other tissues; the role of signalling pathways in the immune system as well as the effects of ageing on the immune response and vaccination
  • Investigating the role of signalling pathways and the cellular clearance mechanisms in ageing, health and disease
  • Charting how life events influence biological ageing, and examining mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance, stem cell differentiation and the impact of subtle epigenetic differences on cell diversity
  • Studying the impacts of diet and other lifestyle and environmental factors on epigenetics, signalling, metabolism, health and ageing

To support these objectives, we maintain world-class scientific facilities that respond to new opportunities and innovations to make sure that our science, and that of the external commercial companies we work with, continues to push boundaries.

Learn more about our innovative research into the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal cellular processes and functions

Our research

Our eight cutting-edge facilities underpin our research and provide unique support to commercial companies

Our scientific facilities

From discovery to application

As a fundamental research organisation, the Institute’s research generates the essential biological knowledge that provides the platform for lifestyle and healthcare interventions. Sometimes the translation of Institute research may take decades to come to fruition, yet over the course of its history the Institute has demonstrated its ability to deliver high-impact research advances and we remain committed to achieving impact from our research in as short a time as possible, including by observing open science practices.

Through our proactive engagement and knowledge exchange activities on the Babraham Research Campus, we support the Campus’s commercial companies through access to scientific and technical expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. In this way we provide valuable support for the Campus community, helping translate early stage science into outcomes for social and economic benefit and establishing the Campus as a leading location for commercial bioscience.

The Institute’s commercial arm, Babraham Institute Enterprises (BIE Ltd.), supports the commercialisation of the Institute’s science, and is responsible for managing and commercialising the Institute’s intellectual property portfolio through partnerships with industry, licencing activities, and the formation of spin-out companies.

Our life science research has significant potential to shape and inform policy on topics such as gene editing, stem cell research and the effect of dietary restriction over the course of a person’s life. We also participate in broader discussions including animal welfare and the importance of the bio-economy. We have an active public engagement programme that not only discusses and supports dialogue about important topics related to our research but works to widen participation in research, inspiring students to consider a future career in science and providing placements for students to gain active research experience.

Open science encompasses a spectrum of practices to ensure that scientific outputs are as open as possible for others to access, reuse and distribute

Open science


Explore how we work with the commercial companies on the campus and further afield

Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation

The combination of the Institute’s fundamental discovery research and exciting commercial bioscience development creates a unique location where science, knowledge and innovation thrive

Babraham Research Campus


Sharing our research and our ideas and inspiring the next generation of researchers

Public Engagement

Creating a positive working environment  

The Institute is committed to providing an environment for everyone to thrive, allowing them to do their best and to grow and develop through training and career advancement opportunities. This includes creating, maintaining and promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in all aspects of our work.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done under our commitment to the Athena SWAN charter and our programme of work in this area is brought together under our equity4success initiative.

Across our community, we want to recognise, value and celebrate our staff and students. The Institute signed the Technician Commitment in 2019 and we’re implementing a plan to achieve progress across the Commitment’s four aims of visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability.

Providing an environment that is fair and inclusive


Applying the Commitment’s four focus areas to support our technical specialists

Technician Commitment

Undertaking robust and responsible science

Integrity is one of our core values and encompasses excellence in scientific conduct as well as our operation as a responsible employer, open and transparent organisation, and neighbour. Our research integrity section describes the diverse range of activities brought together under our approach to ensuring continued good practice.

Our work towards ensuring the highest standards of research integrity, ethical behaviour, good governance, inclusive culture and transparent ways of working

Our work towards ensuring the highest standards of research integrity, ethical behaviour, good governance, inclusive culture and transparent ways of working.

Research integrity

The steps we are taking to minimise the environmental footprint of our research and other work-related activities

Reducing our environmental impact