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‚ÄčThe Babraham Institute is committed to building a high performance culture through training and development opportunities for all levels, and robust performance management. The Institute aims to recruit Group Leaders, Postdocs and PhD students who can become international leaders in their fields.

There are over 300 staff at the Institute and just under 70% of those work in scientific roles. The majority of our scientists have biology, biochemistry or life science backgrounds, the Institute has growing expertise in computational and systems biology approaches.

Most scientists are funded by grants provided by the BBSRC including several studentships funded through BBSRC CASE awards. Other sources include funding from other research councils, medical charities, the European Commission and through partnerships with Industry.

The Institute also employs a number of engineers, a computing team, nursery staff and administrators.


Take a look at our map to find out what happened next for some of our alumni. Are you a member of the Institute’s alumni programme? We’d love you to stay in touch. Find out more on our alumni page .

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