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Our pioneering research into human biology is undertaken by teams of dedicated researchers exploring exciting science enabled by our excellent research facilities.

Together our research and facility teams work to push the boundaries of knowledge and we share our advances through publications and research and commercial partnerships to allow others to build as quickly as possible on our discoveries.

Our world-leading research explores and uncovers the molecular mechanisms involved in cellular processes and functions. A particular focus is how we age and we study the underlying mechanisms controlling this process, for example how older people respond differently to infection compared to the young. To understand how to maintain health and improve wellbeing we chart new areas of fundamental biology: examining the regulation of gene expression, the control of cell function by signalling processes and the complexities of the development and function of our immune system.

We apply our research and technical expertise to deliver three BBSRC-funded core strategic research programmes:

Science facilities

The Institute’s eight science facilities ensure that the latest innovation is available to apply to our research

These unique research facilities of national importance have been developed with significant investment from the BBSRC. External organisations can benefit from access to these facilities, coordinated by Babraham Institute Enterprise.


Over 350 researchers and facility staff deliver the Institute’s science, supported by essential support teams that work to nurture the spark of an idea and onwards through every step of the project through to communicating and sharing research outputs and impacts.

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