Sequencing Facility

Sequencing and library preparation services tailored to suit research needs. Our Facility is also open for external users on a fee-for-service basis.

Key services

  • NextSeq500 and MiSeq sequencing runs are available in both paired-end and single-read formats. Sequencing runs can be tailored to best suit your research project.
  • A library quality control service to ensure optimal sequencing results. This includes Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer fragment analysis as well as qPCR-based KAPA library quantification assay to accurately measure the sample concentration.
  • 10x Genomics library preparation service using 10x Chromium Controller to enable single cell experiments with high resolution. Library preparation for Gene Expression studies is offered using Chromium Next GEM single cell 3’ v3.1 (dual indexing) kit. The facility is also offering 10x library preparation using immune profiling and Multiome ATAC + gene expression kits. Please enquire for more details.
  • Bulk RNA library preparation is offered using an Illumina mRNA or NEBNext Ultra II directional RNA kit with poly-A pulldown or rRNA depletion. For low input samples we also offer library preparation services using Takara’s SMARTSeq library preparation kits.



Expertise & advice

The Facility can advise researchers on the sequencing platform and run type that provides the sequencing depth, read length and turnaround time that best suits their project. Facility staff also analyse sequencing library Quality Control results and provide guidance on their interpretation and expected sequencing results. The Facility has recently expanded their library preparation offering both in 10x Genomics and bulk RNA library preparation areas.


Genomics Facility Manager

Facility flyer

Download the facility flyer (pdf)

The Babraham Institute established the Genomics Facility in 2009, with investment from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and Medical Research Council (MRC), in partnership with the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Trophoblast Research. The Facility has grown since and is playing a crucial role in the Institute’s research projects on epigenetics, chromatin regulation, cell signalling and immunology.

Sequencing systems
Sequencing sample load
Sequencing sample prep

Facility Members

Megan Hamilton

Head of Genomics Facility

Laura Durrant

Genomics Specialist