Person holding a video camera

Our videos give a flavour of some of our research, ranging from understanding the immune system to investigating the true shape of a chromosome and presenting how this all fits together to achieve our mission of improving health and wellbeing.

All videos featured on these webpages can also be found on the Babraham Institute’s YouTube channel

Addressing Global Challenges at the Babraham Institute

In collaboration with ITN Productions and the Royal Society of Biology, our research featured in Addressing Global Challenges. This programme explores research excellence across the UK and how organisations across the country are working towards solutions for some of the leading scientific challenges with global social, political and economic impacts.

Our section is called Helping to Turn Back the Ageing Clock and it explores how our research aims to support healthy ageing, helping more of us to avoid chronic diseases and to stay healthy and active as we get older.

Date: October 2018

A visual introduction to the Babraham Institute

Watch this short animation to learn about what we do, who we are and how our world-leading research lays the foundations for improvements in health and wellbeing.

Keywords: Babraham Institute, people, research, impact

Date: October 2016