Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn in The Guardian speaking on 14-day rule on embryo research

Group leader, Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn, contributed to an article by Hannah Devlin outlining the potential benefits of extending the 14-day rule on research on human embryos. 


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Peter Rugg-Gunn provides expert comment on embryo research to The Guardian

Group leader Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on the impact and implications of new embryo model reported by researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

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Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on ‘blastoid’ research in the Mail Online

The Mail Online reports on a new model similar to human blastocysts, with expert comment from Peter Rugg-Gunn.

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