Babraham Institute in the Media

Our communications activities aim to raise our public profile and promote broader awareness of the Babraham Institute and our research. Here we have collected some examples of where the Institute has featured in the media.


Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn in The Guardian speaking on 14-day rule on embryo research

Group leader, Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn, contributed to an article by Hannah Devlin outlining the potential benefits of extending the 14-day rule on research on human embryos. 


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Pioneering researchers in Cambridge Independent

Dr Ian McGough, Dr Teresa Rayon, Dr Jon Houseley and Dr Maria Christophorou were featured in the Cambridge Independent, highlighting their newly funded Pioneer Award projects.

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Quanta magazine feature Rayon lab research

Group leader Teresa Rayon spoke to Viviane Callier about her research on developmental tempo for a feature in Quanta magazine.

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Peter Rugg-Gunn provides expert comment on embryo research to The Guardian

Group leader Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on the impact and implications of new embryo model reported by researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

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Nicholas Ktistakis collaboration with Stemnovate covered by the Cambridge Independent

Collaborative partners comment on the significance of working together on autophagy and neurodegeneration.

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Michelle Linterman talks about her research on ageing, the immune system and vaccination

Group leader Michelle Linterman joined the Nine to Noon show on Radio New Zealand to discuss her research on ageing, the immune system and vaccination.

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Cambridge Independent report work controlling brain inflammation to treat traumatic brain injury

Impact of brain injury, stroke and MS reduced in mice by scientists at Babraham Institute and KU Leuven

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National papers and radio cover rejuvenation research

Prof Wolf Reik and Dr Diljeet feature in a number of articles and appearances in relation to their recent publication.

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Roving Researcher careers feature in Chemical and Engineering News

Freelance journalist Katharine Sanderson writes about the innovative Roving Researcher scheme.

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Dr Jasmin Taubenschmid-Stowers featured in Cambridge Independent

Paul Brackley reports that researchers have discovered a new population of stem cells



The Guardian report on reprogramming work from Diljeet Gill and Wolf Reik

Ian Sample writes about the new stem cell rejuvenation method developed in the Reik lab.

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Prof Adrian Liston comments of autoantibodies and COVID symptom severity in the Daily Mail

Prof Liston describes the potential for treatments based on autoantibodies.



Simon Cook and Derek Jones write about researcher training for the Times Higher Campus

Simon Cook and Derek Jones write about how to prepare students of a diversity of careers in science across sectors.

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New partners for Milner Consortium autophagy collaboration, reports Cambridge Independent

Mike Scialom covers a new development for Dr Nicholas Ktistakis' Milner Consortium collaboration.

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Peter Rugg-Gunn comments on ‘blastoid’ research in the Mail Online

The Mail Online reports on a new model similar to human blastocysts, with expert comment from Peter Rugg-Gunn.

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Adrian Liston interviewed by the Cambridge Independent about COVID-19 vaccine intricacies

In this extended interview published in the Cambridge Independent, Adrian Liston explains the science behind vaccines and the immune response.

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Babraham Institute research shows importance of second COVID-19 vaccine dose, reports Cambridge Independent

Michelle Linterman interviewed on her important COVID-19 research in mice by Cambridge Independent editor Paul Brackley.

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Cambridge Independent reports on new Babraham Bioscience Technology board members

Newly appointed board members Wolf Reik, Alexander Hewitson, and Clive Stanway speak to the Cambridge Independent.

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