The Imaging Facility provides a high quality microscopy and image analysis service, enabling scientists to use advanced imaging methods in their research. We provide training and supported access for a wide range of imaging technologies including confocal, high content, super resolution and electron microscopy. We can also offer help and advice on image processing and analysis to provide a complete service for even the most inexperienced users.

Key services

Confocal and multiphoton imaging SIM and STORM super resolution microscopy Imaging and analysis for cell based assays (high content imaging) Scanning electron microscopy with focussed ion beam (FIB SEM) Correlative light and electron microscopy

Expertise & advice

The wide range of imaging equipment available within our Facility is underpinned by the expert knowledge and experience of our Facility staff. Our expertise covers a wide range of methods including live cell imaging, confocal microscopy, high content imaging, super resolution imaging, electron microscopy and correlative imaging. New projects are carefully discussed to identify the most appropriate imaging method(s) to use, with due consideration given to data storage, processing and analysis.

nce the best approaches have been identified, users are generally trained to operate equipment independently, broadening their skill set and helping them better understand any limitations of their methods. Where resources and/or time are limited, or for highly technical methods such as FIB SEM, we can offer a full imaging service. We can also offer help and advice with image analysis and have a significant amount of experience developing tailored analysis pipelines for high content imaging assays.