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The Imaging Facility is a core science service providing access to cutting-edge microscopy systems, sample sectioning tools and expert assistance for image processing and analysis.

The Facility has imaging platforms for both light and electron microscopy.  Our light microscopy systems are mostly used for fluorescence imaging, which is a highly versatile technique that can be applied to both live and fixed biological specimens. Fluorescence microscopy is commonly used to provide information about the localisation and interaction of cellular components (typically proteins) and the distribution of specific cells within tissues. Amongst many other applications, fluorescence microscopy is also used to monitor the progression of biological processes in living systems e.g. enzymatic reactions, and changes in the intracellular concentration of signalling molecules.

Electron microscopy (EM) can image fixed specimens at a much higher resolution than is readily achievable with standard light microscopy.  EM is used to reveal the detailed architecture of cells and the ultrastructure of cellular organelles.  Our electron microscopy platform is highly versatile and can acquire images in 2D and 3D (volume EM).  By combining fluorescence imaging with EM in a stepwise workflow it is possible to identify specific events in live cells which are then analysed downstream using EM.

For image processing and analysis the Facility offers a suite of commercial and community-developed solutions, with high spec workstations available to process larger datasets.  Our team can provide expert advice on the best tools and strategies to use for specific analysis questions, with training provided on all software.  For more complex analysis problems the Facility can generate bespoke analysis pipelines.

Imaging corridor

We Provide:

Help and advice with imaging experiments

Access to state-of-the-art imaging tools

Access to advanced image analysis software

Training on all our light microscopes

Training with image analysis software

Full electron microscopy service

Advanced image analysis service

Support whenever help is needed

We have these Imaging Technologies:

Point-scanning and spinning disk confocal
High content and automated imaging
Ultra-high content/ultra-plex imaging
Super resolution microscopy (SIM & STORM)
Wide-field epifluorescence
Laser microdissection
Multi-photon imaging
SEM, STEM & volume Electron microscopy
Image segmentation

We have these Image Analysis Tools:

Imaris (3D visualization & analysis)
Amira (3D visualization & analysis)
MetaXpress (High content analysis)
IN Carta (High content analysis)
MACS iQ (Ultra-high content analysis)
SVI Huygens (Deconvolution)
ImageJ/FIJI (General purpose analysis)
Cell Profiler (General purpose analysis)