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The journey and impact of a pipette tip

Erica Mannis explains the impact of pipette tips used in labs.


The Big Plastic Count

Looking ahead to The Big Plastic Count, Yoko Shibata, Principal Scientist at PetMedix, explains the size of the plastic pollution problem, and what can be done about it.


How to deck the halls sustainably, our tips for a planet friendly holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner (in case you hadn’t noticed) and you’re if keen to make your festive period a more sustainable one, Green Labs is here to help! Members of our wonderful Green Labs team have provided their top tips to help you make the holiday season more planet friendly.


The Hidden Cost of Science: Unpacking the emissions of laboratory plastics

Guest blogger Isabella Ragazzi, Research Associate in Life Cycle Assessments and Carbon Footprinting at UCL, writes about the impact of plastic in the lab.


Switching to a plant-based diet

Liv Cracknell writes about changing to a plant based diet.


Owning an Electric Vehicle: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you are wondering about the pros and cons of owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) and considering the switch from a petrol/diesel car to an EV, then this blog has been written with you in mind! 


Sustainable science: Tips from the Raff Lab

Guest blogger Saroj Saurya, a Lab Manager based at the University of Oxford, shares some insights into how we can do more sustainable scientific research.


An electrifying journey: renewable PV energy, a greener heating system and an electric vehicle

In this week's blog, our colleague Felix shares more about his family's personal 'electrifying' journey to be more green.


Saving the planet, one greener house at a time

Group Leader Anne shares her family's experience and top tips for making your home greener.


A blueprint for Green Labs: catalysing environmental action at the Babraham Institute

The Green Labs project aims to tackle the environmental impact of our research, and other activities, at the Babraham Institute. Discover how Green Labs began, our environmental action so far and what is new for 2021.