equality4success unites all aspects of the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work at the Babraham Institute. In particular, we work to implement the Athena SWAN charter and EU LIBRA projects with the goal of improving gender equality across the Institute. We strongly believe that contribution from all genders is vital to create an inclusive and motivating environment that everybody will benefit from.

The Babraham Institute aims to provide an atmosphere which is fair and inclusive. We welcome differences and recognise and value the contributions of everyone in our community. The Institute believes that all staff, workers, students and visitors should be treated with dignity, respect and tolerance. We ensure that opportunities are available on a fair and equal basis and without discrimination. The Institute also expects all consultants, companies, suppliers, agencies, etc. working with the Institute to follow these principles.

Athena SWAN

The Athena SWAN Charter is a nation-wide scheme that recognises and rewards commitment to advancing equality, particularly gender equality, in and around academia. The Institute is proud to hold a silver Athena SWAN award.


We are partners on a H2020 funded project LIBRA, which brings together ten partner research institutes from ten European countries with the main aim of addressing gender inequalities in academia.

Events & Activities

Our work supporting EDI at the Babraham Institute means the equality4success team organise a variety of events and activities with the aim of engaging staff, improving working culture and growing our regional equality network.

equality4success Blog

The equality4success blog provides a space for Institute staff to share their views, experiences and creative thoughts relating to equality, diversity and inclusion with colleagues and the wider public.

Flexible Working

Our staff consultations show that the ability to work flexibly is an important part of the Institute's working culture. It is common at all levels and often arranged informally on an individual basis. This page can help you to explore the motivations and benefits of flexible working.

equality4success Team

The equality4success team are a diverse set of people representing various areas of the Institute. We are dedicated to advancing the Babraham Institute as an inclusive workplace.

The Babraham Institute is committed to creating, maintaining and promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of its policies, procedures and activities, and to the principles of the Equality Act 2010.

The Institute is vehemently opposed to any form of unlawful and/or unfair discrimination and encourages issues or concerns to be raised at the highest level where they will be dealt with promptly and fairly.