equity4success Team

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Elizabeth Wynn
equity4success Manager

Elizabeth Wynn

Elizabeth works flexible hours when needed to fulfil volunteering commitments and accommodate mental health issues. As e4s manager she is excited to oversee all aspects of the programme and make the Institute an inclusive and welcoming place where all staff, students and visitors can thrive.

Head of Engineering

Adrian Bath



PhD student, Signalling

Arqum Anwar



Head of Human Resources

Andrea Last

Andrea sits on a number of committees at the Institute, including the Babraham Executive Committee, where she can make sure our EDI work is fully integrated. She works full time remotely with flexible hours and has had three maternity leaves.

PhD student, Epigenetics

Brendan Terry



Jon Houseley
Group Leader, Epigenetics

Jon Houseley



PhD student, Epigenetics

Leah McHugh



Communications Manager

Louisa Wood

Louisa has taken one period of maternity leave while employed at the Institute following the birth of her second daughter. Both of Louisa's children attended Babraham Nursery. After starting at the Institute in 2014, Louisa initially worked part time in order to support her first daughter’s integration into nursery and is currently working flexibly to balance childcare around school hours.

Michael Norman
Public Engagement Manager

Michael Norman



HR Manager

Michelle Barthelemy



PhD student, Immunology

Ntombizodwa Makuyana



Tenure Track Group Leader, Signalling

Rahul Samant



Head of Bioinformatics

Simon Andrews

Simon represents the views of facility staff. He understands the need for a flexible and supportive work environment as his group has benefited from being able to retain staff as changing family needs have caused them to move from full-time to part time or flexible hours. Simon works remotely to fit his schedule and encourages his team to as well.

Dr Simon Cook
Institute Director

Simon Cook



Chief Operating Officer

Simon Jones

As Chief Operating Officer, Simon helps ensure our initiatives are beneficial to all staff, especially those in non-science roles. He has worked flexibly for childcare purposes in the past and understands the importance of an inclusive workplace.

Group Leader, Signalling

Hayley Sharpe



BSU Supervisor

Laura Steel