Babraham Institute Shortlisted for ‘Excellence with Impact’ Competition

Babraham Institute Shortlisted for ‘Excellence with Impact’ Competition

Babraham Institute Shortlisted for ‘Excellence with Impact’ Competition

The Institute has been selected as one of the ten finalists out of thirty organisations for the BBSRC ‘Excellence with Impact’ Competition.

EWI infographics columnExcellence with Impact (EwI) is a BBSRC competition which aims to recognise institutions that can develop and successfully deliver a vision for maximising impact, alongside a relevant institution-wide culture change. The competition started in 2013, and the Institute’s vision was to build on its excellent track record of translating its research into impacts through Public Engagement (PE), Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC). Through an Institute-wide programme of activities within the theme of ‘Infection, Immunity and Ageing’ the Institute moved towards delivering the next generation of impacts. Particular progress was made on embedding PE and KEC activities into Institute life, creating an engaged community of researchers.

The Institute submitted its final report at the end of 2015, which highlighted a number of key achievements (illustrated right, click for full version) including; a public dialogue project designed to feed public opinion into the Institute’s scientific and public engagement strategy, the use of internal (non-recording cameras) for tours of the Institute’s animal facility and increases in scientific collaborations with industrial partners – all due to the increased engagement of the Institute’s staff and students. 

Following recent shortlisting interviews, the Institute was selected as one of the ten finalists. The next stage of the competition will involve an assessment site visit by the Excellence with Impact judging panel. The winners of the competition will be announced at a BBSRC Fostering Innovation Gala Networking Reception in May 2016.

Dr Simon Cook, Head of KEC said ‘We’re delighted to have been shortlisted and to have the opportunity to welcome the judging panel to the Institute itself. Excellence with Impact is so much more than we can represent on paper and as a small presenting team. It is truly Institute-wide and the site visit will give us the opportunity to demonstrate this.’

In commenting on the competition entries presented at the shortlisting stage of the competition, Sir Gordon Duff, Chair of BBSRC Council and EwI Panel said: “The EwI Panel, which I had the pleasure of chairing with Professor Nessa Carey, was very impressed with the overall standard of entries to the competition, the enthusiastic participation and the impressive progress that has been achieved over the past three years.

On behalf of the Panel, I would like to express my sincere thanks to each participating institution for having achieved significant return in raising standards and engaging with the ever important impact agenda. We look forward very much to meeting the Excellence with Impact teams at the Good Practice Networking & Gala Events in May.”