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The Institute aims to maximise the impact of its research through Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) in order to translate research into action for social and economic benefit.
The KEC Programme promotes scientific exchange with various groups through collaborative research activities, events and conferences as well as other mechanisms such as training and continued professional development. Our goal is to deliver impact by making our science and expertise available to academics, industry, policy makers, charities and other interested parties.


Strategic Priorities

  • ​To support the translation of Babraham Institute science, working in partnership with public and private organisations
  • To build national and international partnerships to promote the Institute.
  • To embed a KEC culture within the strategic science programmes.
  • To develop, protect and proactively manage our Intellectual Property.
  • ​To benefit as a partner in the growth of the Babraham Research Campus.


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Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation team

Simon Cook

Group Leader and Head of KEC

Katy Evans-Roberts

Commercialisation Manager

Linden Fradet

Michael Hinton

Web Manager & Schools Co-ord

Tacita Nye

Knowledge Exchange Manager

Louisa Wood

Communications Manager

Lois Yardy

Administration Assistant