Areas of Influence


Babraham Institute researchers are availabe to talk about their own area of research expertise and to share opinion with policymakers. This is typically arranged via our Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation (KEC) team.

Through various mechanisms our researchers have contributed to notes for the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology, calls for evidence, Science and Technology Committee enquiries and information shared with policy influencing bodies.

Example topics related to our research

  • Ageing and the effects of age on health and wellbeing
  • Nature vs. nurture and the role of epigenetics in inheritance
  • Immunity and infection and the impacts of age
  • Genome editing techniques and technologies e.g. CRISPR/Cas9
  • The use of stem cells in research
  • Autophagy, dietary restriction and the impact on human health
  • Vaccination of adults and the elderly
  • Animal research regulations, policies and animal welfare
  • Personalised or precision medicine

General science policy topics

  • Importance of fundamental research also known as 'Frontier Bioscience'
  • Researcher mobility and other issues facing research institutes surrounding Brexit
  • The importance of openness on animal research as a concordat signatory
  • The impacts of colocation of academia and SME’s in a campus environment
  • The importance of STEM to society
  • Public engagement in science and Responsible Research and Innovation