Policy Partners


The Babraham Institute works closely with a number of policy organisations and think tanks, many of which have a significant role in the analysis and development of policy (e.g. charities, NGOs, policy study units).

Examples include:


BBSRC – We work with BBSRC Corporate Policy Unit to provide evidence and opinion on key policy areas including the use of animals in research

National Institutes of Bioscience – a strategic partnership of bioscience organisations, with fellow partners we inform the development of government policy in the broad area of biological sciences

Parliamentary and Scientific Committee – Institute staff attend meetings as members and use the platform to table topics rlevant to the Institute's interests.

EU-LIFE – A consortium of 13 life science institutions, the Institute contributes to EU-LIFE's publications, position papers and policy actions relating to EU science policy.

Campaign for Science and Engineering - We are a part of a group of organisations that collectively fund a CaSE policy officer post. This post helps to shape policy by drawing upon access to members' evidence base and opinion.

Centre for Science and Policy - We welcome visits from representatives from government, the civil service, industry and the third sector. These visits are designed to encourage knowledge exchange and explore ways in which academic research can inform policy.

Understanding Animal Research – As a signatory to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research. We are committed to fulfilling the commitments of the concordat, encouraging transparency and engagement in the use of animals in research.