The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2019

The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2019

The equality4success Alternative Gift Guide 2019

We’re back with a new set of ideas for gifts this holiday season that promote science, inclusion and busting stereotypes. Browse through our selection which is split into categories so you can easily find a great gift for everyone on your list. We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Get in touch to show us your stereotype-defying gifts on or on twitter (@equal4success)

Babies | Kids | Teenagers | Secret Santas | Non-Scientists | Booklovers | Best Friends | Partners

Please keep in mind, our selection is purely based on our commitment to supporting equality and diversity, challenging stereotypes and inspiring everyone’s passion for science. We’re not receiving any incentives to feature these products and we haven’t inspected them in person so we can’t say how well they perform. Inclusion in our list is not an endorsement of a product. Prices may vary from those indicated depending on retailer.


gifts for babies

  • This fire truck is made of recycled non-toxic plastic and comes with a gender neutral cat firefighter so it also doesn’t promote stereotypes. Mini fire truck by Green Toys, £16.99
  • This board book is full of all sorts of families and is a lovely way to talk to kids about embracing differences and feeling loved. The Family Book by Todd Parr, £6.99
  • How cute will a future scientist look in this handmade hat? Science print baby hat by PickleandbeanShop, £7.00


gifts for kids

  • Let kids get hands on with science by creating their own solar system mobile. If you’re a more crafty family, there are plenty of tutorials for making one without a kit as well. Solar System Mobile Kit by Glowing Imagination, £19.99
  • Encourage kids to gain empathy and have discussions about differences and inclusion with this wheelchair toy that is the just the right size for dollhouses. Wheelchair toy by WillStrange, £15.00
  • This colourful story challenges gender stereotypes and teaches kids to be true to themselves. Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz, £7.99


gifts for teens

  • There’s no way to know if the enamel pin in this box is of a dead or alive cat until you open it, just like Schrodinger’s classic thought experiment. Schrodinger’s cat in a box pin by DayDreamingMouse, £8.59
  • Ursula Le Guin is beautiful writer and Gifts, the first book in her Annals of the Western Shore trilogy, is a lyrical and contemplative coming of age story. Though less well known than her Earthsea books, Gifts deals with similar themes of power, responsibility, and choices and is well worth a read by teens and adults alike. Gifts by Ursula LeGuin £9.99
  • Dungeons and Dragons is cool again but this game lets you fit a dungeon crawl in any time with chaotic co-operative gameplay. Each class comes with a male and female version and there’s no chainmail bikinis in sight. 5 Minute Dungeon by Spin Master Games, £24.83

Secret Santas

gifts for secret santas

  • This wide range of cookie cutters includes every science or hobby idea you could think of so you’re sure to find something to suit your Secret Santa recipient. They also have a LGBTQ+ pride set! Cookie cutters by Bakerology, £6.05+
  • This reusable alternative to plastic wrap or zip seal bags is stylish and eco-friendly. Small kitchen pack by The Beeswax Wrap Co, £10
  • Your Secret Santa giftee can show support for diversity in science loud and proud with this pin. Diversity in science pin by scienceonapostcard, £7.00


  • Introduce your non-scientist friend to the beauty of science with this gorgeous print that shows DNA in its three forms. Watercolour DNA print by CocoMilla, £8.40+
  • Bring anatomy to life with this cool shirt and free app that provide a detailed view inside the body. Augmented reality anatomy shirt by Curiscope, £24.99
  • This important book should be on everyone’s bookshelf as Criado Perez clearly explains how widespread and harmful data bias is. Things are changing though as the research community is taking steps to make sure research outcomes are more inclusive. Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez, £9.99


gifts for booklovers

  • Consciously or unconsciously, mapmakers make decisions about how and what to represent. Dive into this fascinating and witty history of how maps have promoted propaganda and Euro-centrism, how choropleth maps can deceive you, and how digital technology is changing cartography. How to Lie with Maps by Mark Monmonier, £13.26
  • This book was shortlisted for The Royal Society book prize and with good reason: it’s an entertaining and enlightening look at our largest organ through the lens of history, science and society. The Remarkable Life of the Skin by Monty Lyman, £9.99
  • Enriched with striking illustrations, this timely collection of speeches features a diverse selection of women’s voices sure to leave any reader motivated to change the world. So Here I Am by Anna Russell and Camila Pinheiro, £15.78

Best friends

gifts for best friends

  • Your favourite baker will love this π baking pan, but they don’t only have to make pies with it! Pi Pie Pan by Pi People, £49.20
  • Once you’ve given this to your best friend be sure they invite you over to play this Guess Who-like game where you give clues and guess the famous woman by asking about her accomplishments not her looks. Who’s She? By Playeress, £10.99
  • Let your friend unleash their creative side and use just sunlight, water and science to make beautiful cyanotype prints. Super Sunprint Kit by Sunprint, £32.50


  • A geeky and stylish way to remind your partner that they are first in your 01101000 01100101 01100001 01110010 01110100. I love you binary print by BookishlyUK, £19.95
  • A great addition to your collection, Buffalo is a fast paced game that asks you to think of a person that matches the adjective and noun presented like ‘Victorian poet’ or ‘black physicist’. Some are easy but other combinations may leave you stumped, and one of the game’s aims is to subtly challenge you to think beyond stereotypes. Buffalo by Tiltfactor Lab, £41.88
  • You and your partner no doubt have excellent chemistry so why not celebrate it with this personalised element cushion? Personalised chemistry cushion by Oakdene Designs, £30