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Claire College Cambridge - photograph by Clare Harwell

University affiliation

Babraham has the status of a recognised postgraduate University Partner Institution (UPI) within the University of Cambridge; all our students are registered within the Faculty of Biology for the PhD degree. In addition, our project leaders are full University supervisors and the Institute Director acts as a ‘Head of Department’.

All Babraham PhD students are members of Cambridge Colleges and participate fully in University social and academic life. We ensure that all our new Supervisors, and those new to Babraham, undergo supervisory training through the University of Cambridge. Babraham students account for almost 6% of the total postgraduate population in the Faculty of Biology at the University.

The Babraham Institute is proactively involved with the Graduate School of Life Sciences within the University, which co-ordinates and provides training, network and career support for all postgraduate students in the biological sciences in Cambridge.

​Students are encouraged to make full use of the expertise and skills training available at Babraham and within the University of Cambridge, in particular those provided by the Graduate School.