PhD Training

PhD Training

The Institute’s goal is to help you develop the skills and knowledge that will allow you to excel as a researcher in the life sciences.

While we know lab techniques and research experience are a key part of this, we also recognise the importance of other transferable skills in helping you to build a prominent international research career. These are also the abilities that can help you in a wide range of careers should you choose to pursue different directions after graduate study.

Students at the Institute can access a variety of courses designed to help them to develop these additional skills. These include opportunities offered by the Institute, which are continually monitored and updated by the Graduate Committee following student feedback. They also include external opportunities, either within the University or offered in partnership with other organisations.

Our programme includes several compulsory courses, together with optional training in accordance with the needs and interests of each student. Available courses can help you to develop knowledge, understanding and experience of: 

  • Scientific & technical writing
  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial awareness
  • Scientific ethics
  • Presentation skills & poster design
  • Data handling and reporting techniques
  • IT, Computational & bioinformatics skills
  • Mathematical skills & statistics
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Networking and team development
  • Equality and diversity awareness
  • Acceptable professional behaviour
  • Press & the media