Sequencing Facility

Next Generation Sequencing technology has revolutionised post-genomics studies of gene expression, genetic regulation and nuclear dynamics. The Sequencing Facility provides the Babraham Institute and external companies with access to the latest sequencing technology, offering a variety of solutions for different project sizes and a broad range of applications.

Key services

Sequencing on HiSeq, NextSeq or MiSeq instruments to provide the sequencing depth and turnaround time required that is best for a research project; run types are available in both paired-end and single-read analysis formats. A library quality control service to ensure optimal sequencing results. This includes Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer fragment analysis as well as qPCR assays to accurately measure the sample concentration. A recently expanded range of services comprising sample-to-sequence solutions for projects, including single cell sequencing library preparation.

Expertise & advice

The Facility can advise researchers on the sequencing platform and run type that provides the sequencing depth, read length and turnaround time that best suits their project. Facility staff also analyse sequencing library Quality Control results and provide guidance on their interpretation and expected sequencing results. The Facility is introducing library preparation services and will be developing automated library preparation protocols on the Hamilton NGS Star

Key Stats & Facts

The Facility has the capacity to generate up to 1.4 Gb of sequence data per week. Samples can be sequenced on the MiSeq or NextSeq within 3 weeks of passing quality control.


Paula Kokko-Gonzales - Sequencing Facility Manager

Facility flyer

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