Next Generation Sequencing Facility



The NextSeq enables researchers to obtain results faster, from a limited number of samples, without reducing the depth of sequencing. Ideal for projects with small sample numbers requiring a high read yield.


The MiSeq personal sequencer provides maximum flexibility with a wide range of read lengths and short turnover times. Suitable for validation studies, small genome and amplicon sequencing.

Quality Control


The Bioanalyzer fragment analysis system separates nucleic acid fragments by size and estimates concentration. This system can be used to assess RNA quality, i.e degradation and contaminant levels, and suitability for sequencing library preparation. It can also be used to characterise dsDNA sequencing libraries by checking concentration as well as dimer contamination.

Sample and Library Preparation

Hamilton NGS Star

The NGS Star is an automated system including components for pipetting, thermal incubation, shaking, integrated PCR thermal cycling and magnetic bead separation. This automated system increases consistency and reproducibility for mid and high-throughput library preparation.

10x Genomics Single Cell Chromium Controller

The 10x system allows automated sample partitioning on small beads where each sample particle is linked with a unique barcode prior to library preparation. This system makes gene expression, chromatin accessibility, immune profiling and other analyses possible at single cell resolution.

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