Gene Targeting

Providing a complete service to generate genetically altered mouse strains for Babraham Institute research groups and external companies



Technical services and assistance available to researchers

Design and generation of gene targeting constructs
  • Simple loss-of-function
  • ​Conditional knockout
  • Cre reporter allele
  • Other alleles: gain-of-function, point mutation

In silico design and cloning
  • Southern screening strategy for ES cells
  • PCR screening strategy for ES cells
  • Generate maps and sequence files for construct in every step
  • Search from database for genomic clones: 129/Sv versus C57BL/6 DNA

ES cells targeting
  • Preparation of DNA for electroporation of ES cells
  • Electroporation of targeting vector DNA into ES cells
  • ​Selection of targeted ES cells: positive and negative selection
Molecular analysis of ES cells clones
  • Preparation of genomic DNA from ES cells for Southern blot or PCR
  • Screening of ES cell clones

Introduction of ES cells into host embryos to create germline chimeras
  • Microinjection of ES cells into blastocysts

DNA pronuclear injection for transgenic mouse generation
  • Microinjection of DNA into fertilised oocytes

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