Hayley Sharpe


Dr Hayley Sharpe is a tenured group leader in the Signalling research programme and Chair of the Institute’s equity4success programme. She joined the Institute in 2019 as a tenure-track group leader and a Sir Henry Dale Fellow (see news announcement). Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Sharpe was a Principal Investigator at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research where she established her lab after obtaining a Wellcome/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale fellowship. She undertook her postdoctoral work in the lab of Dr Fred de Sauvage at Genentech in California, USA. Dr Sharpe gained her PhD with Dr Sean Munro FRS at the MRC LMB and has a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Bath. While at the Institute she became an EMBO Young Investigator and also a Lister Prize Fellow. Her lab focuses on understanding how protein tyrosine phosphatases and kinases cooperate to enable cell-to-cell communication, and how information about the extracellular environment is communicated internally to change cell behaviours such as growth, movement or attachment (read more about the group’s research).