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B.Sc. Biochemistry, University of London (RHC)

Ph.D. Dept of Biochemistry, University of Glasgow

ONYX Pharmaceuticals, CA, USA

1997- present
The Babraham Institute

CRUK Senior Cancer Research Fellow

Simon became interested in Signal Transduction during his Biochemistry degree at Royal Holloway College, University of London. He did his PhD in Michael Wakelam’s laboratory at the University of Glasgow, studying signalling by Phospholipase-C and -D.

A chance meeting over a beer (several beers actually) at a conference led to his move in 1991 to Post-Doc with Frank McCormick at ONYX Pharmaceuticals in the San Francisco Bay Area where he studied the then emerging RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK1/2 pathway.

​After his Post-Doc Simon stayed on at ONYX as a Staff Scientist, member of the RAS Group Steering Committee and Project Manager for the Inflammation Project. In 1997 he took a Group Leader post at the Babraham Institute.

From 2000-2006 he held a CRUK Senior Cancer Research Fellowship and is currently a Group Leader in the Signalling Programme. He also coordinates Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation activities within the Institute. His hobbies include birdwatching, walking, reading, music, cinema and undermining the system from within.


Work in my laboratory is supported by an Institute Strategic Programme Grant from BBSRC, project grants from the Association of International Cancer Research and Cancer Research UK and funding from AstraZeneca. In addition, PhD students in my laboratory are funded by a two BBSRC Quota Studentships to the Babraham Institute,  a BBSRC CASE studentship with AstraZeneca and a Cambridge Cancer Centre Studentship

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