Group Members

Martin Turner

Head of Programme and Associate Director

Georgia Bullen

PhD Student

Ozge Gizlenci

Visiting Scientist

Marian Jones Evans

PhD Student

Georg Petkau

Postdoc Research Scientist

Beatriz Saenz

Postdoc Research Scientist

Alexander Saveliev

Postdoc Research Scientist

Harry White

Visiting Scientist

Magdalena Zaucha

Postdoctoral Training Researcher

Sarah Bell

Senior Research Associate

Elise French

PhD Student

Tahmid Hussain

PhD Student

Twm Mitchell

Postdoc Research Scientist

Francesca Rossi

Marie Curie Fellow

Fiamma Salerno

Visiting Scientist

Michael Screen

Postdoc Research Scientist

Sonia Yang

Postdoctoral Training Researcher


Josephine Meade: PhD awarded 2001. Now a Lecturer at the University of Leeds.

Michelle Morrow: PhD awarded 2001. Now VP in Preclinical Translational Pharmacology at F-STAR

Elizabeth Clayton: PhD awarded 2002. Has left science after Postdoc in Cambridge.

Mamnunar Khan: PhD awarded 2005. Now Senior Product Manager at BT.

Thomas Henley: PhD awarded 2008. Now CEO at Empyrean Therapeutics.

Alexander Ademokun: PhD awarded 2008. Now Deputy Director for Place, Impact and Research at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.


Robert Williams: PhD awarded 2010. Now Technology Project Lead at AstraZeneca

Daniel Hodson: PhD awarded 2010. Now research group leader at Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

Alison Galloway: PhD Awarded 2013.  Now Postdoc with Victoria Cowling U. of Dundee.

Lewis Bell: PhD awarded 2014. Now at Sagittarius IP.

Rebecca Newman: PhD awarded 2015. Now Postdoc with Pavel Tolar Francis Crick Institute.

Jessica McHugh: PhD awarded 2015. Now Senior Editor at Nature Reviews Rheumatology.

Fengyuan Hu: PhD awarded 2019. Now Bioinformatics scientist at AstraZeneca.

David Turner: PhD awarded 2021. Now postdoc with Eugene Valkov at NCI Fredrick.

Twm Mitchell: Started October 2017   Passed viva Jan 2022. Now Postdoc in my Lab

Vanessa D’Angeli: Started October 2018 Now postdoc at Iontas Ltd.

Özge Gizlenci: Started October 2018 Passed Via December 2022, now a Postdoc in my lab

Marian Jones Evans: Started October 2021

Tahmid Hussain: Started October 2022