Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme at the Babraham Institute


Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme at the Babraham Institute

Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme at the Babraham Institute

The Babraham Institute is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the ‘Teachers Industrial Partners’ Scheme’ in February 2016. The scheme, supported by the Biochemical Society and the National Science Learning Network is a joint initiative between industry and education that aims to provide teachers with an authentic experience of what takes place in modern scientific organisations. The scheme will provide teachers with exposure to a wide range of business areas, giving them an understanding of the variety of careers and skills required by young people to be successful in scientific industries.

The Institute will be providing placements for two A level biology teachers from the 15th – 19th February 2016. The placement, based at the Babraham Research Campus, will include hands-on experience in Institute research and scientific facility laboratories, visits to companies co-located on the campus and sessions with scientific support departments such as commercialisation, public engagement and science communication.  For more information about the placement, download this placement information (pdf)

Research areas:
Epigenetics - how reversible chemical modifications of our DNA can control access to the information stored within our genomes.
Nuclear Dynamics - how the genomic thread is folded and packaged in 3D to facilitate and coordinate the expression of thousands of genes.
Lymphocyte signalling and development - how cells of the immune system develop and function, allowing us to fight infections and disease throughout our life.
Signalling - how cells communicate internally and with other cells..

Scientific facilities
Bioinformatics | Biological Chemistry | Biological Support Unit | Flow Cytometry | Gene Targeting | Imaging | Lipidomics | Mass Spectrometry | Sequencing

Science support departments:
Public engagement

Applications are now invited for this scheme via the National Science Learning Network. Please visit their website for further information and to download an application form. Applications needs to be received by the National Science Learning Network by 5pm on 15th January 2016.