Cambridge Science Festival - Molecular Explorers

Alex Whale, Laura Woods, Juliette Pearce, Ruslan Strogantsev, Amy MacQueen, Claudia Stellato, Celia Alda, Chiara Pantarelli, Clotilde Hennequin, Dorottya Horkai, Elpida Tsonou, Letizia, Grazia Pizza, Monica Della Rosa, Fatima Santos, Richard Odle, Joana Guedes, Rachel Fellows, Ronak Shah, Laetitia Chauve, Marisa Stebegg and Rafeah Alam were part of the Molecular Explorers exhibit at the Cambridge Guild Hall on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March 2017. The event featured sessions for adults only and for adults and children who have an autism spectrum condition.

Our researchers challenged visitors to the Guild Hall to become a Babraham Institute 'Molecular Explorer' in our pop-up lab and work with them to discover more about how their body works and adapts as they get older. The visitors tried their hands at microscopy, pipetting and flow cytometry and got to grips with autophagy (recycling inside cells) and how DNA is arranged in the cell nucleus

Photographs by Michael Hinton and Graham CopeKoga © Babraham Institute 2017