Race Against the Ageing Clock

Although time passes the same for everyone, some of us age more quickly than others. Researchers have found a way to study the rate of ageing called the epigenetic clock - a timer that measures biological wear and tear as we age. At the Babraham Institute, our researchers have shown that mice also have an epigenetic clock and have used this to further our understanding of the biology of ageing.

A team of almost 50 Babraham Institute staff members delivered the Race Against the Ageing Clock exhibit in London during the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018. The gallery below shows some images from this event.

The exhibit highlighted the latest findings in epigenetics and shared with the public how this research can support healthy ageing. There were various activities providing insights into how lifestyle factors can influence ageing, what the role of epigenetics is in the ageing process and how stem cell reprogramming might be able to teach us lessons for rejuvenation.

The exhibit was also showcased by around 25 Babraham Institute staff at the Cambridge Science Festival in 2019.

We have published several blogs containing insights into the development process and the Royal Society event.