The equity4success alternative gift guide 2023

The equity4success alternative gift guide 2023

The equity4success alternative gift guide 2023

Are you looking for ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’? Think beyond gender this year with our alternative gift guide! We’re back again with suggestions that go beyond the stereotypical baby dolls and bath bombs or toy cars and ties. We’ve split our gift ideas into categories for easy browsing (that doesn’t include gender!) so enjoy taking a fresh look at festive gift solutions that promote science, diversity, and general awesomeness. Check out our previous lists from 2021, 2020 and 2019 for even more ideas. Also watch our short talk on gendered toys and stereotypes to learn why it’s important and what you can do to discourage gender stereotypes.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions. Get in touch to show us your nerdy stereotype-defying gifts on or on twitter (@equal4success)

Please keep in mind, our selection is purely based on our commitment to supporting equality and diversity and challenging gender stereotypes. We’ve also made an effort to feature products created by people from marginalised groups. We’re not receiving any incentives to feature these products and we haven’t inspected them in person so we can’t say how well they perform. Inclusion in our list is not an endorsement of a product. Prices may vary from those indicated depending on retailer.

Images of a book cover, toys and a baby grow saying "feminist in training"

Babies and toddlers

a book cover, wooden disks that reveal constellations and happy families cards


a book cover, headphone cover in the shape of a controller, temporary tattoo pack


bookmarks, soap, food in the shape of coals

Secret Santas

plant pots in the shape of viruses, grow kit, book cover


three book covers


a blue hat, organge artwork and envelope of escape room clues

Best friends

hanging plant, puzzle, phone charger