Impact Prizes

Each year, scientists from across the Institute come together for the annual Lab Talks symposium. As part of the event, the Institute presents several prizes in recognition of key successes over the past year.

The Sir Michael Berridge Prize celebrates the contributions of a PhD student or Postdoc to an outstanding piece of published research, whilst the Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation and Public Engagement Prizes are presented to scientists that have gone above and beyond to maximise the impact of their work. The prizewinners are selected by judging panels including both internal and external representatives. Finally, the Image Prize for the best research image of the year is selected by a popular vote including all Institute members.

Sir Michael Berridge Prize

2019 Winner

VicentePostdoc researcher Vicente Perez-Garcia received the 2019 Sir Michael Berridge Prize for his foundational research contribution to the 2018 Nature paper: Placental defects are highly prevalent in embryonic lethal mouse mutants (news item on the research here: Placental defects key factor in prenatal deaths. The research showed that commonly (and much more than previously thought) defects in embryo development can be traced back to issues with the placenta. The research was undertaken as part of the Wellcome Trust-funded ‘Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders (DMDD)’ consortium and systematically studied the effect of genetic changes on the placenta using genetically edited mice. The judges praised Vincent’s significant contribution to the research in terms of the scale of the sample analysis, the experimental skills required and the range of techniques applied. The judges also highlighted the impact the research has had in the field of developmental biology.


Previous Years

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Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) Prize

The Babraham Institute’s Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) Prize recognises an individual or team who have contributed to the Institute's KEC activities, demonstrating their passion for generating impact and transferring their knowledge.

2019 Winners

Flow Team 2019 groupThe 2019 Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Prize was awarded to the Flow Cytometry Facility team: Rachael Walker (Head), Rebecca Roberts, Attila Bebes, Arthur Davis, Aleksandra Lazowska and Isobel Darlington. The award recognised the impact of the team’s extensive work over the past twelve months to raise the profile of both the facility and the Institute as a whole. They have trained over 50 external scientists, established new collaborations leading to innovative protocols and streamlined data analysis for commercial companies using the facility. In addition, the award recognised the team’s dedication and in-depth knowledge and understanding of not only their own facility but also the underpinning biology of the projects utilising the facility.


Previous Years

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Public Engagement (PE) Prize

The Babraham Institute's Public Engagement Prize recognises an individual or team who have contributed to the Institute's public engagement and science communication activities, demonstrating their passion for science and enthusiasm and commitment to inspiring generations.

2019 Winners

PE Prize winners 2019The 2019 Public Engagement Prize was awarded jointly to The Cell Escape team: Izzy Hampson, Chiara Pantarelli, Richard Odle, Piotr Jung. In addition to individually being active in the Institute’s public engagement activities throughout 2018 and 2019, the team made an impressive joint contribution through the development of the cell signalling-themed Escape Room. The award recognised the team’s exceptional achievement in the design of the project and its first use at the Cambridge Science Festival this year (image gallery here). In public feedback from The Cell Escape activity, Izzy, Chiara, Richard and Piotr were praised for how engaging they were when discussing the underlying science. This award recognises Izzy’s, Chiara’s, Richard’s and Piotr’s demonstrated capacity for raising the profile of the Institute and engaging the public with our science in innovative and exciting ways. (The Escape Room subsequently featured at the Latitude Festival in July 2019)


Previous Years

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Image Prize

Each year members of the Institute can put forward images for the Imaging Prize, usually created using the Institute's Imaging Facility. The winner is selected by everyone in the Institute through a public vote.

2019 Winner

Image 2019Célia Raimondi’s image of colourful C. elegans. The image shows DNA staining (DAPI) of a mutant strain of Caenorhabditis elegans. C.elegans, a tiny nematode worm, is one of the model systems used at the Institute and is used by the Casanueva group in the Epigenetics research programme to investigate the link between metabolism and ageing. The image has been modified for colour using the ImageJ image processing software.

Previous Years

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