Science publishing and publishing in Science

Science publishing and publishing in Science

Dr Stella Hurtley; Science Magazine

Synopsis: I will give a brief overview of the role of the professional editor at a journal like Science and describe the peer review process. I will provide hints and tips on how best to present your work and then take questions on the editorial process at Science and scientific publishing in general.

Stella Hurtley obtained her first degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, and then went on to PhD in Cell Biology at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg. After post-docs in Yale, Philadelphia, and Edinburgh, Stella joined Science at the newly established Europe office in Cambridge UK in 1994. Now a Deputy Editor at the journal, Stella is responsible for managing a UK-based team of editors and the cell/molecular/biomedicine team of Science editors. She also looks after Science submissions in a variety of subject areas including Cell biology, cellular microbiology, membrane traffic, protein targeting, protein folding, organelle biogenesis, cytoskeleton, cell polarity, prion biology, developmental biology, and stem cells.

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