Reprogramming and plasticity of epigenetic regulation

Reprogramming and plasticity of epigenetic regulation

Prof Petra Hajkova

MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS), London

Stability of the epigenetic landscape underpins maintenance of the cell type specific transcriptional profile. DNA methylation as one of the main repressive epigenetic systems has been shown to be important for long term gene silencing; its loss leading to ectopic and aberrant transcription in differentiated cells and cancer. Interestingly, the developing germ line endures global changes in DNA methylation in the absence of widespread transcriptional activation.

I will discuss our efforts to dissect the mechanisms of the germline global loss of DNA methylation and our recent results uncovering the plasticity and cross-talk between the epigenetic silencing systems that assure the transcriptional stability in the hypomethylated mouse germ line.

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