Gender differences in question-asking at academic seminars

Dr Gillian Sandstrom

Senior Lecturer, University of Essex

Visibility is important if you want to get on. In science, asking questions in a public setting gives you that visibility. Data from Babraham suggests that not everyone asks questions and we have taken steps to encourage people to develop those skills.

Join Gillian’s talk to find out more about the science behind this issue. And perhaps it will change your future tendency to publically question and also change your visibility.

Dr. Gillian Sandstrom is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Essex. Her main line of research focuses on minimal social interactions and the barriers to communication; she has spent a lot of time trying to understand exactly why people are reluctant to talk to strangers. She shares her personal #Talking2Strangers stories on Twitter @GillianSocial. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and worked as a computer programmer for 10 years. Her experiences working in technology are part of the reason she’s interested in studying the leaky STEM pipeline, and other research questions related to gender.

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