Research integrity: strengthening research culture, research practice and research reproducibility

Dr Jane Alfred
Director & Co-founder, Catalyst Editorial Ltd

Research integrity is relevant to researchers, regardless of their role because it supports:

  • rigorous and robust research practice and thus reproducible research
  • the honest, accurate and transparent reporting of research designs, methods, resources, results and data
  • collaborative and open working relationships
  • care and respect for patients, research animals and the environment
  • public trust in science

Reports in recent years indicate that research misconduct is on the rise, and that there are significant concerns about research practices, the reporting of research results, and about the reproducibility of published biological research. To effectively tackle these issues, we need to recognise the factors that contribute to these issues, at the level of individual researchers, the cultures they work in, and across the research system. In this webinar, I will discuss these issues and explore how they are interconnected and relevant to individual researchers across the research landscape.

Jane Alfred is a professional editor and trainer who specialises in providing training and support to the research and publishing communities on responsible research practice, research integrity, peer review and publication ethics.

Jane is also a member of the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) advisory board and is an associate member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) - see more at

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