Ying and Yang of G-quadruplxes for genome stability

Ying and Yang of G-quadruplxes for genome stability

Friday 7th August 2020

12:00 - 13:00hrs via zoom

In recent years accumulating evidence arose that DNA can fold into an alternative secondary structure named G-quadruplex (G4). Due to the specific location of G4 structures within the genome and their stability they can influence cellular processes such as transcription1. Contrary to their regulatory potential G4 structures also challenge genome stability by blocking DNA replication, enhancing recombination and increasing the frequencies of mutations and deletions1. In the last years different strategies have been used to specifically target G4 structures using chemical G4 ligands to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells2. We aim to use different genetic and molecular analysis to identify novel G4 binding proteins which will give raise to the relevance of G4 formation for genome stability.

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