Mass Spectrometry

The primary role of the Facility is to apply state of the art techniques in mass spectrometry to address important biological questions, within the remit of the Institute.

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is housed in a purpose-built laboratory in a new building in the centre of the campus. We work mainly in collaboration with our colleagues at the Institute, but also with external academics. We also provide some commercial mass spectrometry services through Babraham Institute Enterprise Ltd.

Much of our work is directed towards understanding the functions of specific proteins and epigenetic DNA modifications. We use mass spectrometry to identify the molecules involved in complex biological processes, characterise their structure and monitor how their abundance or structure may change during these processes, in order to gain insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms.

Enquiries can be made via the facility's 'Contact Us' web page.

Facility flyer

Download the facility flyer (pdf)